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Ambelin Kwaymullina
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"Wow. I mean, like, Wow! ...Ashala has the typical hallmarks of any teenager – at once full of bravado and doubt, her commitment to freeing the Illegals held in the Detention Centre 3, and held in fear of the Citizenship Accord. Her cast of supporting characters is exceptional, and the author brings all the elements together in a most satisfying and original way."

Miffy Farquharson, for the Western Australian School Library Association 

"I loved this book, all the thought and detail put into each illegals power is amazing. This book is so captivating, you won't be able to put it down." 

 Reader Review

"With unexpected twists and a continuous sense of suspense it kept me reading till the end. I would recommend reading this book and I hope the future books in this series are just as good as this one."

Tahlia Kennewell (Student) for Read Plus

"Gripping from the earliest pages, the story contains several unexpected twists that maintain a sense of suspense and keep readers wondering who Ashala can trust as she tries to protect her people. There is a wonderful sense of emotional connection to the land through Ashala which really appealed to me. While the thriller aspects of the story keep the pages turning, Ashala’s need to have a connection with her past and with her surroundings as well as her need to be true to herself and those she loves adds a real depth and thoughtfulness to the novel."

Kids' Book Review

"The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf sets itself apart. It is a bitingly clever dystopia, highly imaginative. Where other books fall flat, this one stands out as a startling contemporary example of the dystopian genre."

Bec Kavanagh, Australian Book Review

"Loved this book - better than The Hunger Games..."

Carmel O'Sullivan

"This first teenage novel from an Indigenous author gives The Hunger Games an Australian run for its dystopian money… the writing is supple and confident and Ashala is an inspiring role model."

SA Weekend

"Be warned readers ... you may end up addicted to Ashala Wolf and her tribe. I have read one book and can't wait for the next."

Linda Hall, Bay of Plenty Times

"The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf is a refreshing, futuristic adventure, full of twists and turns. The story is like a puzzle that you have to fit together as you read...

My Best Friends Are Books blog

"Sophisticated readers of fiction will get a lot out of this novel."

Bobs' Books blog

"Impossible to put down."

Review by Willem Proos, 14, from our Teen Book Club, Diary of a Reading Kid Blog

"It is superbly written and is highly recommended ... If I was a fortune-teller I'd predict that this book will be a major success with young adult readers."

Jane Crew, Magpies

"The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf, by Ambelin Kwaymullina. She's hooked to a machine, I'm hooked on the book."


"Ashala Wolf is a heroine I completely adore."

Celine, Forget Me Not 

"One of the most engrossing reads I have had in a long time.

The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf is a story so perfectly woven so that it gets its hooks into you and doesn't let go until you finish it. I read this book in a day, and even when I was so emotional exhausted for reading about 4 hours straight, I just kept going. This is a book that you can't put down and will keep you enthralled right up to the very end."

Ellen, Bookseller at Dymocks

"This one has strong environmental themes and it’s great to see some Australian dystopian fiction emerging."   

Book Bazaar

"Watch out for The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf, the first book in a fantastic new YA series called The Tribe. Out July from Walker Books."

@zackids @WalkerBooksAus

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A few of Ambelin's reviews in the press.



Left to right: In The Telegraph, The Wanganui Chronicle, The Mt. Druitt - St. Marys Standard, Tearaway Magazine

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