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Ambelin Kwaymullina
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The Tribe Series

The world has ended. It died in an environmental cataclysm called the Reckoning, brought about by humanity’s abuse of nature.

Three hundred years later, and the society that emerged from the ruins of the old world are obsessed with maintaining “the Balance” between all life. They live in harmony with each other, and the earth. It is almost a perfect world. Except for one thing.

 Anyone born with an ability is seen as a threat to the Balance. They are feared, controlled and locked away in detention centres. Ashala Wolf has run away to avoid such a fate. Along with the other runaways she calls her Tribe, she lives in the vast Firstwood. Her Tribe is defying the government –and the government doesn’t like defiance.

Can the Tribe survive their oppressors and transform the world in which they live?

THE TRIBE is an explosive new series packed with mystery, action, romance and tension.

THE TRIBE BOOK 1: The Interrogation Of Ashala Wolf

Ashala Wolf has been caught. Betrayed by someone she trusted, Ashala must be strong to protect the Tribe. With her Sleepwalker ability blocked, she faces the Chief Administrator Neville Rose, who will stop at nothing until he destroys her beloved Tribe of fellow Illegals.

But when her memories don't quite add up, will Ashala discover something bigger at play?

Ambelin Kwaymullina delivers the classic "what if" story of the future, with a razor sharp edge. This action-packed installment will keep you turning pages until the very end. The first in the series, meet the characters you are destined to love well after you're finished.

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